Side Steps and Running Boards

Step Up Your Ride

It's no secret that we love lifted vehicles but sometimes, you or your vertically challenged passengers may need a little assistance getting into your newly lifted rig. Side steps or running boards are the perfect solution! There are quite a few options, from textured nerf steps, to high-tech power sides steps. We will help you choose the perfect set of steps to enhance the look of your vehicle and provide a step up for your ride!
At Carolina Custom we use top brands in the industry for side steps, including:
Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Nerf bars are usually a tubular or pipe style that attach to the side of your vehicle. They generally have either actual  drop steps or textured areas located at each door, to provide a stable surface to step on. Nerf bars are a very cost effective option, as well as being useful for vehicle entry, they are helpful for reaching the roof for cleaning, rack access. One thing to keep in mind with nerf bars is your vehicle's ground clearance. If your vehicle has a lower clearance, avoid lower hanging or thicker nerf bars that could scrape the ground.

Running boards function similarly, but have a sleeker design at a slightly higher price point than most nerf steps. They are generally viewed as more stylish than the rugged nerf steps, but are just as functional. The step surface is usually wider than that of a nerf step, which may be ideal for someone that requires more stable footing getting in or out of the vehicle. Some running boards are also available with an optional light kit, to light the steps any time the doors open.
Power Options

Power Running Boards/Side Steps are running boards designed to automatically extend down any time the vehicle's factory door sensors are triggered by the doors opening. They retract out of sight when the doors close for improved ground clearance, aerodynamics and appearance. They incorporate LED lighting to illuminate the steps. Power steps come with different levels of stepping surface--up to a 3-inch difference--specifically for trucks and SUVs, so if you're lifting your vehicle more than a couple of inches, make sure you check out one that offers a lower stepping surface.

AMP Research has developed the next generation of power side steps with their Powerstep Smart Series, which pairs to an app on your smartphone and offers controls like an in-app manual override of the deploying of the steps and LED lights. Need help deciding which steps are right for you? Visit our showroom to see samples in person!