Painted Wheels

Custom Wheel Paint

When you're customizing your vehicle, there are thousands of wheel options to choose from but the color choices tend to be primarily black or silver, with a few color options like bronze, or standard primary colors like blue or red. What about if you have a unique vehicle color and want wheels to match? Or, maybe you want a blacked out vehicle with small pops of an accent color? Carolina Custom has you covered!

Opaque vs Candy Paint

If you've selected a wheel that comes in black only, you'll need to go with a solid color paint that offers opaque coverage. Or a combination of opaque white paint with a candy color overlay. Our expert paint technicians will prep and paint your wheels with a durable, factory-quality paint, after color matching your wheels to your body color or whichever accent color you choose.

When you select a wheel in either silver/titanium or black with a milled edge (silver) you have the option of either opaque paint or candy finish paint. What's the difference? An opaque paint will completely cover the surface chosen (the whole wheel or milled edge). A candy finish, on the other hand, adds a translucent tint to the surface of the wheel. That means the black areas will have a very subtle tint of color and the milled edges will have a more vivid tint, with a metallic underlay from the silver finish.