Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a deposit?
We require a 10% deposit on any job estimated at $4000 or higher.

Can I supply my own parts?
Yes, we do install customer supplied parts. Note that if we do not order the parts for you, we are not responsible for missing pieces or fitment issues. Please clearly state you are supplying your own parts when obtaining an estimate.

Do I need a speedometer calibrator?
Whenever you change your wheel and/or tire size, it affects the accuracy of your speedometer. A speedometer calibrator adjusts your vehicle to correct for that.

Do I need an alignment?
It's best practice to do an alignment any time you change wheels or tires to ensure even tire wear and proper handling for your vehicle. You've just made an investment and having your vehicle properly aligned will make the most of it!

What is your warranty on parts and labor?
The warranty on all parts we order for your build falls under the manufacturer's standard warranty. Our labor warranty is a 12-month limited warranty. If any part needs to be replaced due to a parts defect, our standard labor rate will still apply to remove and replace that part.

Can I have the parts you take off my vehicle?
Customers may request to retain any parts we take off their vehicle, but it must be requested prior to the job beginning and the parts must be picked up at the time of job completion. We are not able to store take-off parts for customers.

Will you give me a credit for my stock wheels and tires?
We generally do not offer a credit for wheels and tires, except on new Rubicon model wheels and tires with 250 miles or less. If you are interested in a Rubicon tire and wheel credit, please ask your sales associate for the current credit amount available.